Saturday, January 2, 2016

Huzzah Hobbies' Hammer in the New Year - NEW YEAR UPDATE

Hey Everyone! First I wanted to say that I hope you all had an enjoyable Holidays and had a Happy New Year!

So with the event looming ever closer (21 days!) I just wanted to post and say that as of today we have 20 people signed  up, so that means only 12 more slots are left! If you want to come and haven't signed up yet I wouldn't wait! For information on how to register online please email me at elphilo40k at gmail dot com. You can also sign up in store!

I also wanted to announce that I've finalized the primer and have uploaded it for people to start reading. You can find it by clicking this link. And please remember you must be at least base coated to be eligible to receive a prize, primer counts for this!

So its time to start finalizing those lists and get some paint on those new models you got for Christmas! I'll see you soon!

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