Friday, November 6, 2015

Huzzah Hobbies' Hammer in the New Year 2016! - UPDATE

Hey guys just a quick update about the Hammer in the New Year! We've got our schedule now and while you can get all the details of the event at I'm also going to post it here. Our schedule as of now is this:
  • Saturday: 
    • 9 am Check-In
    • 10 am Round 1 
    • 1 pm Lunch
    • 2 pm Round 2
    • 5:15 pm Round 3
  • Sunday: 
    • 8:30 am Doors Open
    • 9 am Round 4 
    • 12-1230 pm Lunch
    • 1245 pm Round 5
    •  4 pm Award Ceremony
Its going to be an exciting weekend! I've gone ahead and started getting some of the prize support together and hopefully I'll be able to post it soon. If you'd like to register for the event please send me an email at elphilo40k at gmail dot com and I'll give you the paypal instructions OR you can pay in store at Huzzah as well! I hope to see you there!

Also don't forget about our LAST RTT OF THE YEAR coming up on November 21st! More information can be found here.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Huzzah Hobbies' November RTT SATURDAY November 21st, 2015

Hey all its that time again, its time to post the November Huzzah Hobbies RTT! And yes we still are an ITC event! For more information about the ITC click here!

More information after the break!