Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Road to the NOVA Open Finals!

Well the Travel League is OFFICIALLY over. The League Games were over a few weeks ago, but the top AND bottom 8 came into Huzzah Hobbies for a 1 day 3 round tournament. More info after the break!

Well first off I kind of lied saying we had the top and bottom 8. We only had the top 8 and the bottom 7. We had a cancellation day of which made me step in to play ringer for round 1. Then we had another drop so I didn't have to ring any more. Regardless we had a fun day of 40k!

First up, the pictures:

Next you'll want to know the winners. We'll do the Consolation Bracket First. The winner of which walked away with a $25 gift certificate donated to us by Huzzah Hobbies. So I wanted to say a big THANK YOU!!! To Chris and staff at the Store. They are some of the best in the business!

Now to the actual list:
  1. Luc Charoenthep
  2. Ben Hunt
  3. Young Cao
  4. Edward Carmack
  5. Dan Boyd
  6. Reid Gustafson
  7. Patrick McNeill
Even though it was the consolation bracket, they had some tough battles! With the finals of Luc's Dark Eldar with Eldar dropping in with a Web Way Portal and some D-Scythes and Ben's Mass tyranid list it was a nail biter! In the end Luc was champion of the consolation bracket!

The winners battle was something similar, all tough opponents playing other tough opponents. The winners list:
  1. Matt Schuchman
  2. Joseph Harmon
  3. Andrew Gonyo
  4. Mike Taylor
  5. Werner Born
  6. Evan Slagle
  7. Rick Fernandez
The finals was Matt Schuchman with his Eldar versus Joseph Harmon and his CSM. Due to some poor rolling on Joseph's part with trying to get psychic powers off it was a shoe in for Matt. Regardless it was a good match and Matt deserves every bit of credit for playing at a top level that day. And hopefully you'll see him in the Invitational at NOVA this year! I know if he does I'll be rooting for him!

If you're interested to see the tournament in Torrent of Fire you can do so here: http://app.torrentoffire.com/#/tournament/Huzzah-Road-to-the-NOVA/1/leaderboard

And the overall league can be found here: http://app.torrentoffire.com/#/tournament/Huzzah-Hobbies-Road-to-the-NOVA-Open-2015/1/leaderboard

Well that's it for the league! I'd like to do another one next year, hopefully we can get as much of a turn out as we did this year! If you can't wait for league play an entire year why don't you join us on Friday Nights up at Huzzah Hobbies' for 40k Night? We've got ourselves a Narrative Campaign in the works. You can join our Google Group and get all the up to date information about the campaign here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/huzzah-hobbies-wh40k

If you want a more competitive scene, well this weekend is going to be the NOVA Charity BBQ. More info here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/huzzah-hobbies-wh40k/l-wWgdVBGWU

And Finally we'll be having the July RTT on the 25th, more info can be found here: http://www.elphilo.com/2015/07/huzzah-hobbies-july-rtt-saturday-july.html

July's a busy month for 40k gamers! I hope to see you at one of these events!

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