Friday, July 3, 2015

Huzzah Hobbies' Road to the NOVA Open 2015 - FINAL UPDATE

I just wanted to let you know that the league is done! I also wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for participating in Huzzah Hobbies' Road to the NOVA 2015. I hope you had as much fun playing in it as I have! And on top of it? We raised almost $200 for the Wounded Warriors Project! You should feel proud that you helped a good cause AND played some 40k!

Now to the thing that we all care about PRIZES! I've created a spreadsheet that has all the player's stats in the leagues broken down. The Bracket Champion breakdown is organized by W/L and points as a tiebreaker and the Battle Points breakdown is just organized by the total amount of points. The link for that spreadsheet is here:

Don't forget you can also see your rankings in the league as a whole on Torrent of Fire!

We'll have an Award Ceremony for all the winners on July 11th, the same day as the finals around 10:15 am.

Speaking of the finals I will be sending out emails to all the bracket champions and then the next top 3 of the league to invite them to fight it out for their NOVA invite soon!

One more thing concerning the league. We'll also have a Consolation Tournament for the lowest 8 players in the league! Chris (Huzzah's owner) has given $20 store credit for the winner of this tournament, which will be happening at the same time, July 11th! So expect your emails soon :)

But before I finish this post a little bit of promoting. Don't forget to join us on Friday nights at Huzzah for 40k night! I've been working with Joe Harmon and Neil Gilstrap to create a super fun non-competitive Narrative Campaign. Hopefully we'll be able to actually start playing it in the coming weeks! Its coming together fast! You can keep up with it here at my blog or better yet Huzzah Hobbies' 40k Google group located here:!forum/huzzah-hobbies-wh40k

Once again I want to say thank you and I hope to see you all on a Friday night!

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