Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Huzzah Hobbies June RTT RECAP!

Hey all I know its been a bit, but life has been a tad bit crazy so I'm just getting around to posting about this now!

Details of the tournament after the break!

So first off, I have to apologize I didn't take very many pictures this month because I totally blanked on it! I only got pictures of the last round. Other than that it was a great turn out, we had 24 players show up. You can see the leader board here: http://app.torrentoffire.com/#/tournament/Huzzah-June-2015

Here are the pictures that I took:

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For prizes we had a total of 7. I did something different than I normally would. We followed NOVA format for prizes, so we gave out prizes for best W/L (since we had 3 undefeated players) and battle points. I also did the normal prizes for middle of the pack and smoking boots.

Breakdown of prizes:



Tournament Champion – Best W/L

Matt Schuchman

Battlemaster – Most Battle Points

Andrew Gonyo

Second to One – 2nd Best W/L

Logan Valentine

2nd Battlemaster – 2nd
Most Battle Points

Luc Charoenthep

Third to One – 3rd Best W/L

Sean Barkley

Middle of the Pack

Aidan Barkley

Smoking Boots

Chris Glazevski

And a picture of the winners:
Left to Right: Andrew Gonyo, Sean Barkley, Aidan Barkley, Matt Schuchman, Chris Glazevski, Logan Valentine, Luc Charoenthep
And now how many points you got in the ITC:

That's it! Thank you all for coming out! I hope to see you for the next one. Which has been scheduled for July 25th. We'll be doing NOVA format again, their updated packet can be found here: http://www.novaopen.com/?page_id=1283. Please use the 40K GT/Invitational Draft Primer.

Speaking of NOVA you should check out the NOVA Charity BBQ Tournament on July 18th. More details here: http://whiskey40k.blogspot.com/2015/06/charity-bbq-registration-open-details.html. Its hosted by Mike Brandt, and I'll be there as well. So you should definitely show up :D

One last bit of promotion! Huzzah Hobbies has asked me to start running a 40k night up there. It's going to be every Friday Night, I've made a Google Group that you can sign up for here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/huzzah-hobbies-wh40k. Its a great place to try to find a game, talk about 40k or whatever else! We're working on a Narrative Campaign that should be ready in the coming weeks. The great thing about this campaign? You don't have to play in it every week! Come and go as you please! So you should join the Google Group and hopefully I'll see you up there one Friday night!

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