Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dark Angels Wish list Recap!

So I felt like I needed to do a follow up of my wish list to see what we actually got. More after the break!

I haven't really been able to just sit down and read the codex. I've made a few lists and just confirmed prices and such but haven't actually read each unit one by one. I'll be hopefully doing that soon and I'll probably post something up when I do that.

Anyway to the list
  1. Special Rules - We've got some pretty solid Special Rules. I know I said before we don't need stubborn, but I've grown to like it over the few games I've played. Its not necessary like I said before, ATSKNF is huge by itself. Inner circle changed to Deathwing which is fine I liked that rule. I'm super happy we don't have Chapter Tactics (Dark Angels), now I can throw in some Iron Hands Libbies on bikes in a Ravenwing Command squad. I'd also like to say that I really hit the nail on the head with Grim Resolve. That extra BS to overwatch is really fun and just right! I can't believe I was right on that. I literally just thought of it as I was typing my wish list up!
  2. Thunder Fire Cannons - As expected, maybe next release?
  3. Vehicles - No surprise here. Makes me sad. I really like the look of stalkers /sigh
  4. Vehicle Squadron Special Rules - We didn't get the cool formations that C:SM got, but we did get the cool unit buffs. I'm happy. Though I can't seem to always jam 3 whirlwinds into the lists, there's just so much better stuff in the book!
  5. Flyers - Our flyers got a point reduction and some buffs. Unfortunately not enough for people to still take them. The buff to blacksword missiles is almost there. It really needs to be S8. But I still wont' take them even at S7. My first game I took the Ravenwing Silence Squadron and while it seems awesome on paper, in play its not. Its 500 points and just doesn't justify the points cost. Yes you can initiative test someone out with 2d6 pick the highest, but its still AP5. That means you're really not going to wound the stuff you want to take the initiative test. The DA flyers still need a massive points reduction for me to consider taking them. Maybe in three more releases they'll be points appropriate? Also no stormraven, as expected but still saddens me.
  6. Company Veterans - Still the same, next subject.
  7. Deathwing - They got the points reduction! It means I'll actually throw some Deathwing on the board in fun games. Probably won't see them in tournament play, but at least casual play I can justify using them! Oh and my Sergeants can trade in their weapons finally!

  8. Ravenwing - Honestly, this codex should have probably just been called Codex: Ravenwing. They got a HUGE buff with being able to re-roll their jink saves. I feel like you now have the difficult choice of either taking White Scars or Ravenwing. I like that! I don't like that they're only 2 points cheaper from last codex and still are forced to take teleport homers. But oh well, can't win them all. Black Knights are now the same points across the board which is good. I do like that they limited the apothecary to one per army. I think that was good. Overall Ravenwing are in the best spot. Super tough, super mobile. Just a tad bit too expensive because you won't be seeing Deathwing being used in tournament play.
  9. Land Speeders - Let me start off by saying how happy I am at this. I still don't think the Vengeance will be seen, but the Dark Shroud will be an auto take. 2+ jink that you can reroll AND has 3 HP AND gives a stealth buff 6" around AND makes it so you can't overwatch a friendly DA squad within 6" of the Dark Shroud? I'm taking 1 in every list. Two if I can find 80 points. Now I think its worth its points. It just fits so well. Don't bother upgrading the gun, its going to be jinking 90% of the time. I just cannot get over how good the Dark Shroud is.
  10. Grav Weapons - We got em! I'm really happy we did, now I just got to get some Ravenwing Bikers with Grav Guns painted up! (BTW I'm already doing that ha!).
  11. Centurions - Like I said last time, I have mixed feelings about these. I don't think DA really needed them now that I look at the rest of the codex.
  12. Special Characters - Sam is still a beast that's all I know for sure. More to come if/when I make a DA review post.
  13. Headquarters - So this kind of happened and kind of didn't. The Deathwing Detachment allows someone other than Belial to lead the Deathwing, but the Ravenwing Detachment requires only units with the Ravenwing special rule to be in it. So far the only HQ that has the Ravenwing Special Rule is Sam. I feel like this was a mistake on GW's part and they need to FAQ saying any HQ on a bike gets the Ravenwing special rule or can be an HQ choice for the Ravenwing Detachment. But I doubt it. It took them 4 editions to make it so Sam can fire his Storm Bolter AND his Plasma Cannon in the same shooting phase (When Sam first came out in 4th there was a White Dwarf battle report of them having Sam shoot both his weapons. When it was pointed out to the devs that he could only fire one, they said that they meant for him to fire both of them and just forgot to put the rule in. Did I mention that was in 4th edition?)
  14. Scouts - Poor poor Blood Angel scouts. Sometimes its good to be released after C:SM.

  15. Formations - I'm going to have to break this down into sections here. But let me just say I haven't taken a close look at these and they're pretty much knee jerk reactions.
    • Ravenwing - Like I said I've tried out the Ravenwing Silence Squadron and I remained unimpressed about that one.As to the Ravenwing Attack Squadron: why do I need the Summon the Deathwing Special Rule when 90% of models that are in the formation already have teleport homers? Why couldn't that be a different special rule? I feel like its wasted just to get the Landspeeder to be able have a teleport homer. I haven't taken too much of a closer look but I think my favorite so far is the Ravenwing Support Squadron. The Ravenwing Strike Force is super good. I really like it and will probably be the main one I take for most things. Especially if they fix the whole Ravenwing Special rules for more than one HQ Slot
    • Deathwing - The Deathwing armies of the past are gone. No longer can you take a pure Deathwing army. If you do you'll lose the game as both the formation AND the Detachment require you to Deep Strike everything and you can't choose automatically come on for turn 1. Only Turn 2+. It also gets into some wonkiness if you take Land Raiders as Dedicated Transports as you can't hold them in Deep Strike Reserve. Again like the Ravenwing before it, this needs an FAQ.
    • Green Marines - Demi-Company is pretty much the same as the C:SM one. Its good. Like really good. If you take two Demi-Companies for a Battle Company you're not going to kill much, but you'll secure some objectives. The Hammer of Caliban could look like a lot of fun, lots of points but you can have some silliness with protecting whatever else you're taking in it. It might be a tad too points intensive to see actual tournament play though. But I'd consider taking this formation in a casual game.
That's the wish list. I think I got most of what I was asking for. So I'm very happy! I now have the urge to play more tournaments with my Dark Angels. I'm going to be bringing a Thunderwolf Star to the NOVA BBQ Charity Tournament most likely. Hopefully I'll see some of you there!

With that I do plan on reading the book more thoroughly and I do intend to put a post up about that. Hopefully I'll find some time this week or when I'm on vacation. 

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