Monday, February 2, 2015

Huzzah Hobbies January RTT Recap!

Another RTT has come and gone! Pictures and a recap after the break!

So first off WOW! We had 31 people show up for the RTT. One person didn't show up till round 2 and another had to drop out after round 1, so we had a running total of 30 people playing! That's 15 games of Warhammer 40k going simultaneously at Huzzah! That is INSANE and I've never seen it so packed with 40k players in there! I'm really happy that we had this turn out. And I hope to see you all there again next month!

With 30 players we were able to have 11 people get prize support. My thinking was that since up to 8 players could be undefeated by the end of the day that I would need to have 1-8th. This left enough for a middle of the pack, smoking boots (last place) and a Store's Choice Award. Which was basically me asking the employees to find their favorite looking army, so a best painted. Now onto the awards! If you didn't follow the tournament on Torrent of Fire, you can find it here.

The winners are. . . .
First PlaceAndrew Gonyo
Second PlaceEric Hoerger
Third PlaceSean Barkley
Fourth PlaceMike Taylor
Fifth PlaceLeigh Brady
Sixth PlaceWerner Born
Seventh PlaceSam Durbin
Eighth PlaceZack Propps
Middle of the PackMatt Yoh
Smoking BootsBrown Riggins
Store's Choice AwardReid Gustafson

So first off a few apologies. When I was inputting Zack Propps' 3rd round scores into ToF I marked him for the win and then gave his opponent the points. Which means when I was handing out prizes his prize went to Joesph Harmon. Zack let me know of this error the day after the tournament and I have straitened it all out with ToF and him. Once again my sincerest apologies. I was trying to double check all the scores I was inputting so something like this wouldn't happen. Apparently I need to triple check.

Second off, it came to my attention the day after that there was a list discrepancy with one of the top winner's lists. It appears that the player was playing with a few extra models than he should have. Once this was brought to his and mine attention he apologized for it and immediately offered up his winnings. So that means that I'll be throwing his winnings into next month's pot.

But wow! What an amazing day! I made sure to take pictures this time as well!

It seemed that everyone had a good time and that makes me really happy to hear. We had a rough start, what with starting about 40 mins late. We had a bottle neck with sign ups, which works fine with our usual turn out of 12ish people. But with 30 people signing up one at a time it takes some time. But regardless of how rough a start we had, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you guys for coming! If it wasn't for you guys we wouldn't have this! So I hope you can all make it to the RTT again!

Speaking of which the next RTT has been scheduled for February 28th. I've been told by Chris, the store owner of Huzzah, that our cap is 32 players. And with the turn out of last month we hope to reach that, so if you want to play next month it might be a good idea to call up the store and reserve your spot! Their number is (703) 466-0460. I'm figuring out what format we're going to use and I'll put up a post about it the next few days, but we're leaning towards Adepticon Format, with maybe 11th Co. Missions. Mainly because all that is available on Adepticon's website concerning missions is straight Maelstrom missions and honestly those aren't fun or balanced at all.

Once again thank you for coming out and making it a great event!

EDIT: It's come to my attention that I'm terrible at math. When I said earlier that we would have 8 undefeated players I forgot to continue on after round 3. So we would have had 4 undefeated players. But I'm going to leave that up there as that was the decision making I used for prize support. In the end I still probably would have done something similar, mainly because I'd like to see more people winning prizes than less people winning bigger prizes!

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