Wednesday, September 3, 2014

NOVA Open 2014

Well the NOVA Open 2014 has come and gone and I thought I should post a little something about it.
I brought this list with me. I had a lot of test games under my belt and I felt pretty comfortable with it. But unfortunately my dice decided to shit the bed. I rolled so bad that on day two my first opponent asked to buy me a beer.

Let me give you a run down of how bad my dice were. James Watkins asked me to ring for the Trios for him on Thursday to which I agreed. I brought the daemon portion of my GT list for my 1k list (with some added stuff) and then I just added 150 points to my GT list (3 blood crushers with lesser gift, so uber) for my 2k list. Well in ALL three games I rolled double 6s on my khorne dogs for daemonic instability. Of course they were all rolled in the most opportune times. One of those times when the ONLY wound done to my dogs was from a mind shackle scarabs attack. That's right, Khorne was so upset that a dog hit himself that he DEMANDED them to come back to the warp! Then the worst one was during the GT. Let me set this up for you. I'm playing against a very good CentStar list. I need to get Cursed Earth and Incursion. You know the really good powers. And he said he needed to get his powers (gate/prescience/ignores cover) for him to have a chance as well. Well he gets his powers, I manage to not get a single one of mine. Fine whatever, I'll summon in more heralds and get more rolls, this stuff happens I'll be fine. So he gates to a corner in charge range of my dogs. I know I'm not going to be able to do much, but I'm thinking I can do a wound or two and then maybe get super lucky and deny his gate (he actually had more warp dice than me, the only army all weekend to do that). So we go through the motions of assault and I lose by 3. I'm okay with this, thinking I"ll take a few more wounds and then be able to sweep into his Psybacks, which was his back field. . . . .

Double 6s! That's right. In the span of 7 games I managed to get 4 double 6's only on my hounds. That was my dice rolling all this weekend. Ask my 4th opponent in the GT Richard from Warpstone Pile. While he got a solid win from me (I made some mistakes on charges/shooting), my dice rolling did not help it. 

Other than my horrendous dice rolling the NOVA Open was once again fun as hell! I played 10 great games (I dropped out of my last GT game when I had lost the 7th, I felt like I had enough losing for one weekend) and I'm excited to do it again. I'm so excited that I've signed up for the Battle for Salvation in October. In the mean time I need to see if I can paint up a new army, I'm kind of done with the daemon list that I brought. It has a lot of book keeping and while my opponent and I are having decent time turns (20ish mins from me timing myself this weekend) its not quick enough for a full GT game. I'm thinking CentStar with the new Grey Knight book. But the lists I keep making only have 20ish models, so I'm not sure.

Oh and one last thing, I'll be posting this on forums by beginning of next week. But if you plan to attend the September Huzzah Hobbies RTT, note that it has been pushed back to the 4th Sunday of the month! If you show up on the 3rd you'll only be able to play some games of Magic!

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