Monday, September 8, 2014

Huzzah Hobbies 40k RTT 9/28

Hey all I just wanted to get a post up and get the word out about this month's Huzzah Hobbies' RTT. So normally its held on the 3rd Sunday of the month, but due to a scheduling conflict it has been pushed back to the 4th Sunday 9/28.

Please arrive between 10am and 10:45. Round 1 will start at 11am. No need to sign up though it is preferred. You can call the store at  703-466-0460 or visit their website for location / number. We have room for about 30 people, so come one come all!

Since Battle for Salvation is right around the corner we're going to use their format:

Format: NOVA Open: Faqs, List Composition, Win/loss
Missions: 2014 Bay Area Open Mission Pack
Points: 1850

Army Construction:
- You may not select more than 2 total Detachments, and must contain a Primary detachment
- You may not select more than 1 Combined Arms Detachment
- If you do select a Combined Arms Detachment, is must be your Primary detachment
- All Formations, Codices, and Dataslates published by 10/1/2014 are considered legal
- Forgeworld rules will not be legal for 2014
- You may select 0-1 Fortifications from the following: (at this time, no further upgrades to fortifications such as though in Stronghold may be taken)
Aegis Defense Line
Imperial Bastion
Skyshield Landing Platform
Firestorm Redoubt
Vengeance Weapons Battery
- Conjured units are not considered part of an explicit Detachment. As a result, benefits from your Warlord such as Conqueror of Cities and benefits granted by being a part of a given detachment do not apply to Conjured Units. Furthermore, as a RAW clarification, Conjured Models interact with other models as per the Allies Matrix, regardless of the Faction that summoned them.
- Super Heavy/Gargantuan/Escalation Lords of War are not allowed at this time (meaning you can still take Ghaz/Logan and an Imperial Knight, just not a Baneblade). (Subject to change if we get enough people who want these, and if we do change, will likely be using the modified list as per what BAO did)
- An Allied Detachment may be composed of models from the some Faction as your Primary Detachment.

If you have any questions please feel free and ask!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

NOVA Open 2014

Well the NOVA Open 2014 has come and gone and I thought I should post a little something about it.