Monday, February 17, 2014

Kor'sarro Khan is a Baby Back B***H


So first off I'd like to apologize for my inactivity for several months. After NOVA I was burnt out from gaming and modeling for a few months. I forced myself to join the Great Fall League, which was great fun! I can't wait for the Spring League to start up as well. I played a lot of great people and learned a lot about the game. I have also been doing the monthly Huzzah Hobbies 40k RTT (you can see the December, January and February results) and I've been doing pretty well. I placed in the top 10 in Jan/Feb. Which is pretty decent since the RTT is a tough crowd. But the February RTT causes me to go on this rant. Which is after the break.

You'll notice in December that I took my Taudar, mainly because I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to take to the RTT. Because of that I wanted to try something different, so in January I took a balanced SM list, located here. I went 2 and 1 with the list bringing me to table one, which I lost to O'vesa star because we only got to play 3 turns. That was fun. But because of that I was thinking of tweaking my list. Keeping it relatively the same but dropping one bike squad and adding a command squad with Grav-Guns and a few storm shields. Shortly after that the BOLS Podcast, Forge the Narrative (which I highly recommend) started talking about their Super Friends list, located here. I was eager to try this list since I love me some Death Stars and I really love the fact that it uses Space Marines. 

My first game with it was Saturday before the RTT, which I played my friend Joe/Smurfalypse. In the 10+ years I've been playing this game, I've only ever drawn against him a singular time. The rest have been losses. Well I finally got my first win against him with this list. The Death Star is tough, just grinding things down. I was sold. It played similar to my last list, just with only 1 TFC and Stalkers instead of Storm Talons, which takes a bit getting used too. I decided to take the list to the February RTT and see how I do.

Now I'm not mad at not placing, I did EXTREMELY well, especially with all the competition that was there. I had 3 great opponents who were all very skilled. I also had 3 great and very close games. What I am mad about is my Warlord. Kor'sarro Khan

Space Marine Kor'sarro Khan

This guy on paper seems decent. WS6, S4, with an AP3 sword that causes Instant Death on a wound roll of 6. And on top of that he gives scout to your bikes and dedicated transports. F***ing great! Thats what gives the Super Friends Death Star it's strength. The ability to close the distance really fast with your command squad and two tactical squads. But Jesus is this dude terribad in combat. Game one I accepted a challenge with him versus a Brood Lord. I thought I'd be able to do something to him, now admittedly my opponent rolled very hot and I rolled cold, but he didn't live through the first round of combat thanks to rends and my inability to roll a 4++. I'm fine with that. These things happen. Game two he split off with the Bear Wolf Lord to take on some marines on an objective. Thank god that Bear Wolf Lord was there, else those marines would have not been removed. And then to seal the deal. Its game 3, turn 7 on table 2. Khan and 2 tactical marines are fighting over the single 4 point objective against 3 Necron Warriors. If Khan clears these, I win the game. I get all 4 hits, I do 1 wound. Jesus really? I know I was rolling pretty poorly, but its been consistent over 4 games. I expect Khan to do what he should be doing. Killing a squad of 5 necron warriors over the course of 3 turns, but no. The man cannot even achieve that. He is probably the worst special character, in combat, that I've ever fielded. I really wish that I didn't have to take him in the list. I feel like his 150 points can be spent elsewhere for better. Maybe fill out those Grey Hunters, or hell change those Stalkers into Storm Talons (God I love me some Storm Talons). But no. I'm being taxed for scout. Which is fine. I'm okay with that. But Khan is just really, really bad. I really wish his sword was a little better. I don't know what you could do to make it better and not be OP as hell, but Jesus. I'm already hating this guy. At least I have a cool kit bash of him on a bike.

So in conclusion. Khan's inability to do anything but give me scout is why I think he's a baby back b***h.

In other news I've signed up for the next NOVA Open GT. I pretty sure I'm going to bring the Super Friends list, which means a lot more games with it. I'm going to try to attend the RTTs at Huzzah until then and also get in a few games in with my gaming club, Chantilly Gaming Legion. But ugh, Khan. I'm also going to try to be better about posting here, but I've said this before. I'm kind of in a slump. I'm only really modeling and playing right now. I can't come up with a color scheme that I think looks decent and can be done fast for my marines. I want them to be a generic so I can make them any Chapter I want. I tried a yellow, which is ambitious I know, but they just didn't' come out the way I wanted them too. Next I want to try a red, but I need to find the time to sit down and airbrush the test marines I have. And because I'm not painting I don't want to make battle reports with grey models. I dislike it when people do it so I don't want to do it myself. 

Oh and I'm on the twitter now, follow me @elphilo.

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