Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NOVA Open 2013

NOVA Open 2013 has come and gone and let me say, it was a blast! More after the break.

First off I know I've been really neglectful of this blog, which is unfortunate. I really do love showing off models that I paint up, its just finding the time to take the pictures and posting them. Over the summer my excuse is getting ready for NOVA, now my excuse is going to be school. But I will try my hardest to get at least one post up a month. But don't hold your breath. I took a few pictures of my army in the display case I have after I got back from the Open. Some of the pictures are from previous posts, but since they are all part of the same army I decided to put them in this album. What isn't shown is the Firewarriors, Kroot and Eldar Jetbikers I painted up.

Now onto NOVA. One word, fun. I had a really great time and met a bunch of new people. From Ashley's friend she made at the bar who turned out to be a painting judge, hi Sam! To my first opponent who was there to witness the terrible rolls I had! (Three 1's in a row on my Commander that had one wound left) I'm going to go back next year and can't wait another year for it to happen.

In the GT I went 3-3 with 56 battle points. Unfortunately they didn't see the giant WITHDRAWAL I wrote on my round 6 sheet and matched me for a game 7, so according to Torrent of Fire I'm 3-4. Regardless, I went in with the intention of just trying to win one game and I think I did rather well. 50% win rate in an event like this isn't too shabby. I had a ton of fun and had a lot of great opponents. One guy even came with an Iyanden army with his 3 Wraithknights painted up like Evangelions. They looked really good, though we both found out how much damage a few squads of Firewarriors can do to a Wraithknight with Doom on it. The Ork player I went up against found out that Firewarriors can apparently hold their own and take down a Warboss in Mega Armor, a fluke I know but hilarious still. In the end a fun event and I encourage everyone to do at least one GT like this, even if you don't like "competitive" events, you'll still play against a lot of different players and still have a blast. I didn't take as many pictures as I should have (I tend to keep forgetting that I brought my camera with me) but I did take a few so I'll share them here.

The few rules calls that I didn't care for, Drop Pods didn't block LOS which is fine. But since they don't block LOS they don't offer cover if you shoot through them. Homing weapons cannot be fired on interceptor if you cannot see the target, because Interceptor specifically says you have to have range AND line of sight. Which means during normal shooting you can't fire Homing weapons as well, since shooting says you have to have line of sight to even declare them as a viable shooting target. Fortifications cannot be placed on top of terrain. So that aegis defense line better not touch that huge piece of area terrain. It doesn't make sense because in the BRB you place fortifications first, then terrain. I know it was to keep things like bastions out of ruins and such, but they should have had a little exception to defense lines that they could be in area terrain. I know the one opponent that put his aegis in the area terrain I informed him of the rules and then said I didn't care if you put it there, just someone else might. Other than that there wasn't really any FAQs/Rules calls that upset me. Those 3 made me scratch my head, and I know the homing thing came up in my 5th game and would have changed the outcome of that game. Oh well. It was still a blast and like before, I can't wait till next year!

Now that the Open is over, I plan on taking a break from the Tau/Eldar list and am greatly anticipating the Space Marine Codex. I've gone through my boxes and unpainted DA that can be used as a Space Marine force and found out I'm in a really good situation. If the rumors are true (and I think they are) it sounds like the Black Templars have been rolled into the SM codex, which means I'm going to try and put together a Crusading force for my next project. Why a Black Templar army? I've always loved gothic and Knightly themes, hence my love for Dark Angels (though they're more warrior monkish than Knights). Also the fact they want to be in melee greatly influences this. Lets just say, after playing months of Tau and Eldar I'm really missing the assault phase to actually assault in. Now to find the time to actually get stuff painted. I might be playing with an army of grey Black Templars for a while!

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