Saturday, June 22, 2013

June Update

Oh man its been over a month since I posted something and I actually feel really terrible because I have had some hobby progress. More information after the break!

So other than painting a few models I've also been hard at work developing a Tau/Eldar list that I plan on bringing to the NOVA Open. I decided to step away from the Dark Angels list because I can't create one that I like. I've always been a Deathwing player and I really dislike tactical squads. Admittedly the Dark Angels Tactical squads are some of the best in the game at the moment, I just don't like tactical squads. I've always loved the mass Terminators The Deathwing bring to the table, unfortunately with the nerf to the PFG (which did need some tweaks but not as much as it got I think) I don't think the Deathwing list I wanted to run will be very competitive at a GT. And since I don't feel like losing all my games, I've decided to try the Xenos route. Yes making a Tau army is a little bandwagoning, but I've always loved giant robots. And because of this I've always wanted to create a Tau army. I just never did because when I first started this game we had a Tau player in our group and I didn't want to step on his toes, and when he left our gaming group the Tau codex was already 2 editions behind so I put that idea on the back burner. But with the release of their new codex, and the Riptide, it gives me an excuse to make one. Now why Eldar? I've also always like elves, and I've always been really into the Wraith units they get (which goes back to my Giant Robot fascination). It just seemed like the stars aligning with their codices being released one after the other.

Now I think I've fleshed out the Tau portion of the list, I'm still needing to figure out the Eldar portion. My first incarnation of the list was Farseer with Shining Spear on a Jetbike, 3 Windrider Jetbikes, 10 Banshees and a Wraithlord with scatter laser and star cannon. The first time I tried this Eldar allies list out was versus Daemons (what I feel to be Tau's hard counter) and the only thing that didn't impress me was the Banshees. Probably because Banshees are great against MEQ units that don't have an invulnerable. Which obviously Daemons get a lot of. Also while I really liked the Farseer I found myself trying to figure out who to twin-link (he had Guide, Prescience and Precognition as his psychic powers that game). I ran into the problem that the obvious units to Twin-Link were already Twin-Linked. So that lead me to another revision of the list. The new Eldar list that I have yet to try, but I think will really be good, is an Avatar with Fast Shot and Disarming Strike, 6 Windrider Jetbikes and a Wraithlord with scatter laser and bright lance. I think this list will offer a lot to my Tau list. They'll have a quick moving scoring unit, a Wraithlord to help hold a flank (in my list he helps support the firebase by offering a few more shots and is a dedicated counter-attack unit since he's super slow) and then the Avatar can help with counter-attacks or go out and wreak havoc to an opponents line. Of course this is all in my head so we'll see how it actually does on a battlefield soon.

Anyway thats it for the list building portion of this post, which honestly I never intended to write up but oh well! Now onto what I've managed to paint. I managed to get done a Braodside and a Riptide. I really like the new Broadside models and I'm absolutely in love with the Riptide. Next week I'll start painting up some Pathfinders. I'm about to get into crunch time with the NOVA Open being so soon!

Until next time, happy gaming!

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