Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm Not Dead Yet!

It's been awhile since I updated so I just wanted to do a quick one to tell you what has been going on. 

As I said in my previous post the end of the semester is quickly approaching and I've been pretty busy with that. While I haven't had time to do any actual modeling, I have been thinking a lot of what I want to do when I do have the time for my hobby. After my successful kit bashed Librarian I wanted to do a kit bashed Chaplain. The main problem? The Skull Mask. As it is a symbol of the Chaplains I feel like it has to be there. No clever reasons will get around this. Luckily Anvil Industry has my back. I ordered the Hooded Skulls and the Hooded Heads. While they said it could take up to a month to deliver, I didn't order them till the 15th and they came in a few days ago. And wow, they are just as good as they look in real life as they do the website! Here's a quick few photos:

Now I'm going to have to make a lot of new ICs with these hoods! I can't wait to actually get my brush in hand and paint them. 

I've played my NOVA Open list a few times since the last update (no battle reports because I forgot my camera and I didn't feel like slowing the game down as I was learning the mechanics behind the list). I really liked it, unfortunately the recent Dark Angels FAQ changed it. See I was running a Deathwing list that has dual Deathwing Land Raiders with a Techmarine equipped with a power field generator riding in one of them. It was nasty, dual venerable with a 4++? How could you say no? But now because of the FAQ that is over . Am I complaining? A little, it was a tough list but not as indestructible as one would think. I now have to play it with a Techmarine on a bike, which makes him a little more vulnerable. Though I have the feeling I'm not going to like it setup like this and just say screw it, drop the Techmarine and make my Deathwing Knights squad a full 8 man. But only test games can tell me that. So what's the point of this ramble? Its a segue to show you what else is on my bench:

Yep a Land Raider! I have two already, only one of those being painted. But that one is painted in the Dark Angels Green and I wanted to have the ones I run with this list in the colors of the Deathwing. I also got some magnets for this one so I can have it switch from a Crusader to a Redeemer whenever I wanted. I'm tempted to get another since my other unpainted Land Raider has been deemed my Grey Knights Land Raider, that and its an older one so its got pewter mixed with plastic. It also doesn't look as good as I thought it did when I built it. Some of the parts are at angles they shouldn't be. I know that'll annoy me if I take it to a tournament, so I'll probably break and shell out 75 bucks for another one. On the bright side is I could have two magnetized Land Raiders.

Though I quickly realized my quick and easy painting technique for Deathwing doesn't look as good on vehicles. My friend recently did his Rhinos with the Army Painter Quickshade and they didn't look that good, oh and my Vindicator is a testament to that. But that was more of a anti shine matt varnish debacle. Regardless the Quickshade doesn't look as good on flat surfaces as it does on curved surfaces. So I bit the bullet and did something I've been wanting to do for a while. I bought an airbrush. Hopefully after I get done with my classes I can just jump in and experiment with the airbrush!

Well thats it for this update. I know not very exciting but I felt like I needed to do a quick update to show I'm not dead yet :)

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