Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Path has been walked

DarkAngel Veteran DarkVoltus By: DarkVolt

As you may know this is the final month for the Path to Redemption and since school is being a real pain this semester I decided to do a quick Vow. Well that Vow is completed! See the pictures after the break!

He is fully magnetized so I can switch from Force Staff to Force Sword whenever I want. The reason he doesn't have a Force Axe is I couldn't find one that I liked before I got him ready to paint so I decided to hold off on that. Plus he is going to be going with a bunch of Deathwing Terminators, so I don't really foresee him needing AP2 with all the powerfists he'll be with. Anyway onto the pictures!

I'm really glad that I signed up for this painting challenge. It's motivated me to finally start painting my miniatures  While I had a fully painted Deathwing list for the previous codex, this new one is causing me to continue to have brushes in hand. Which is great!

Speaking of the new codex, I've come up with an 1850 list that I'm pretty happy with for the NOVA Open. While it isn't perfect (what list is?) it is coming along. I just need some more games with it. I've scheduled one for later today and hopefully I won't be too tired to actually do it.

Oh and before I forget a preview of my next project:

10 Deathwing Knights and a Deathwing Champion. I've already got a base paint on them and I have the Knight Master ready for quickshade. But I'll be holding off on that till I actually get more done. Time permitting I hope to get 1-2 of them done each week!

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