Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Update

I know I've been pretty quite the past month with the blog. But with school starting up at the end of January I really haven't had time for much, especially updating my blog. So this post is going to be multiple posts in one. First up is the tokens that I made with help of a How To on From the Warp. They were really simple to make. And it was kind of fun to plop these down during a game to see the reaction from my friends.

Dark Angel Buff and Debuff Tokens

Like I said before, they were really easy to make, especially following the How To. I just went to Michael's found the wooden discs and spray painted them black. Then I created the inside graphics in Fireworks and just used Mod Podge Matte, which I also found at Michael's in the same isle as the discs, to seal them. When I was putting the glue on I made sure the entire disc was covered enough so you couldn't see the paper below it. By not putting too much of the glue on, it will dry overnight. If you put too much it can take up to a week to fully dry. On one of my test disc I managed to do that, oops! Regardless I now have a bunch of awesome tokens that look pretty good on the table top. More after the break.