Friday, January 11, 2013

January Vow!

The Bolter and Chainsword is back up, so you know what that means? Path to Redemption and Librarium Painting Challenge Vows!

See the pics after the break.

This month I've decided to do 2 vows, mainly so I can have a painted army for this Saturday's tournament. I'm pretty sure I'll be done by then, because I did a lot of painting in the past week. I had the intention of them being my January vow, but the B&C went down before I could officially vow, so I just went ahead with them. I'll probably wait till after the weekend to do updates/completed posts.

Onto the pics:

Vow 1

Vow 2

With that done, I'm really excited for the new Codex tomorrow. Unless it is just as bland as the 4th edition one, I think I'm going to fall in love. Luckily it's looking like it's going to be like the Chaos codex. Some neat things but very balanced. 

Though it sucks it's coming out the day of my first real 40k tournament, I'm going to have to put the excitement of a new release on hold and put up with one more day of playing with the 4th edition codex. Hopefully I'll do well and bring some honor to the chapter. Who knows, people might under estimate the power of the Deathwing! 

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