Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Vow Complete!

So with much time to spare for the rest of the month I have completed my January vow!

See some more shots after the break!

Vow 1

I'm actually really happy how these all turned out! I'm loving this Quickshade!

Vow 2

Once again another beautiful terminator squad!

Some close ups for the Sergeant and a few others (mainly because I wanted to play with my new light box)

Unfortunately I had some cracking with this model. But it's not as bad as my Vindicator

Once again some cracking, but I'll live with it. I just love how these guys turn out!
One of Belial's Command Squad TH/SS
The other TH/SS of Belial's Command Squad
A quick close up of one of the magnetized Terminators
A group shot of the Vows
Once again I'm really glad how these turned out. Because of how quick and easy they were I was able to field a fully painted army last weekend for my Tournament. Which of course got me best painted

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