Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hammer in the New Year 2013!

So I just finished my tournament. Unfortunately I didn't do that well. My first game was very close, only losing by one objective point. My other games, total blow outs. Played against a really great Grey Knights list with allied Imperial Guard. The guy ran 2 Leman Russ Punishers. I've always loved these tanks, so much dakka! My last game was versus Necrons. No it wasn't CronAir, it was actually very blanced. Only one flyer, one barge and even a monolith. Regardless of how it turned out I had a blast and can't wait for the next tournament!

But even though I lost overall and best general, I did win something. . . .

I barely beat a beautiful Daemon army by one point and a gorgeous Necron army by 2 points. I'm very proud about this and I'm really excited to start painting the new figures!


Here's a quick picture of my army the night before the tournament

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