Saturday, November 17, 2012

November Vow Done, for now. . . .

So everything was going well with painting my November Vow. The base coat from Army Painter's Angels Green went on like butter. Then the actual painting was going just as well. Until I got to the face. I had to order new brushes with only a few short bristles. His face took over an hour and while it isn't terrible, I wouldn't exactly call it good. Then the Strong Tone went on really well. Since it was my first vehicle I went with the philosophy of less is more, which turned out I should of used a little more. But I was happy with the results. Then disaster struck. . .

As I was spraying the Vindicator with the final matte finish, it started cracking!

Get me closer. . .Wait why is my hull cracking?

Though the worse was yet to come!

That right there is a nightmare. I don't know what happened. From doing some research it seems that either A.) The can was too cold B.) I sprayed too much or C.) I was too close when I sprayed. Here are some more horror pictures, not for the faint of heart!

So I found a few suggestions so far to try and fix this. First a hairdryer, which I tried earlier today. But it doesn't seem to get the finish hot enough to actually want to remelt and go on smoothly, which I thought would happen. And even if the hairdryer could get it hot enough, the model is plastic, I would think the model would melt before the matte finish. Another one is to get Testor's Glosscote and refinish it. Supposedly there would be a chemical reaction between the two finishes and it'll fix it. It seemed to work for this fellow, while not exactly the same problem as mine I still think there is hope.

Unfortunately my can won't arrive till Monday and I won't have free time till after Thanksgiving weekend. So for the Path to Redemption project this will just have to be "completed" until I have some time to try and fix it. Though if the Testor's doesn't work, someone is going to be taking a long bath in the Simply Green!

Wish me luck!

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