Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Huzzah Hobbies' May RTT SATURDAY May 28th, 2016

Hey all its that time again, its time to post the May's Huzzah Hobbies RTT! And yes we still are an ITC event! For more information about the ITC click here!

More information after the break!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Huzzah Hobbies Road to the NOVA Open 2016 - BRACKETS ARE DONE!

Hey guys just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the brackets are made and you should have received an email with a link to them. If you haven't you need to get in contact with me ASAP!

And as I did last year here's this year's League Map. We had  46 people sign up for this! That's amazing!

Not pictured the 8 players in the New York Bracket
That is a lot of 40k that's going to be played in the upcoming weeks!

Now if you're wondering how I do brackets I try to base them off location as much as possible, but I work on the brackets from "outside, in." Which means I take the farthest outside people and work my way in. Its why there are 3 pins so close to each other each in a different bracket. Its unfortunate, but sometimes it works out like that. 

So the league starts TODAY! Which means you have until May 15th to get your first round game in, which should be Crusade. 

Happy gaming!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Huzzah Hobbies Road to the NOVA Open 2016 - REGISTRATION ALMOST CLOSED!

Just a little reminder that there is only 2 more (well 3 if you include today) days left to register! So if you're intrested I'd sign up quick!

We've already got a total of 42 players registered! Its going to be a great league this year!

If you're interested more information can be found by clicking here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Huzzah Hobbies Road to the NOVA Open 2016

Hey guys just wanted to get a little reminder out there that there is ONLY 18 DAYS LEFT TO REGISTER! So register sooner than later!

You can register in store at Huzzah Hobbies or you can sign up online by emailing me at elphilo40k at gmail dot com.

Hopefully I'll hear from you soon!

More information about the league can be found here:

Friday, March 25, 2016

Huzzah Hobbies Road to The NOVA Open 2016


Hey guys I just wanted to post that I am indeed doing the Travel League again this year. And guess what? Sign ups start now until April 30th!

So whats the skinny on the travel league you ask? Well here you go!

WHO? All 40k players in the DC Metro area!
WHAT? A 6ish week League
WHEN? May 1st – June 18th
WHERE? Anywhere! But you’re encouraged to game on Friday nights at Huzzah Hobbies located at 44927 George Washington Blvd, Suite 165 Ashburn, VA  20147
WHY? Because who doesn’t want their chance to win a NOVA Invitational invite and earn ITC Points?

If you're interested in the event you can get more details here:

I hope to hear from you or see you signed up soon!